Motorized Variable Acoustic Banner
controls the reverberation time of a room



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acouStac® Banner System includes
Banner Machines, Motor Starters/MCPs, and Controller.

Our unique design allows the acoustic fabric panel to retract and neatly compress to store below the machine frame. At full deployment, a bottom weight introduces tension to the fabric surface for optimal acoustic control.

Manufactured in Bronx, NY, and shipped fully assembled and tested.

Warranted to be free from defects of material and workmanship for three (3) years. See Terms and Conditions of Sale.

For technical, design and custom product support click here to request a
Design & Site Coordination Guide.

acouStac® Product Options:

The acoustic chamber consists of individual horizontal fabric segments secured into our rail & stacker system. 3” or 6” stackers maintain a fixed depth over the full height and width of the banner panel. Segments can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Acoustic Chamber Dimensions:

3W11  –  3” panel depth with 11” tall segments
6W11  –  6” panel depth with 11” tall segments

3W15  –  3” panel depth with 15” tall segments
6W15  –  6” panel depth with 15” tall segments

Our standard fabric panel is 20’ wide x 20’ tall. Custom fabric panel sizes available.

acouStaCorp 100% Wool (DRF, 550gsm) has a high density weave without nap or synthetic sheen.  Click here to view our color selection card. Custom color matching is available at no additional charge.

Independent lab certified for absorption coefficients under ASTM-C423. Test reports available upon request.

Wool is recommended by acousticians as an effective sound absorber across a wide range of frequencies. Click here for “Why Wool ?” – a fabric and acoustic data comparison.

acouStac® operation is quiet:

Our heavy-duty aluminum machine frame has removable polyvinyl infill panels and a standard mill finish aluminum. Custom enclosures and closure panels available.

Integral mounting system is built into the frame.  Easy ceiling or wall installation, custom mounting options are available.

Motor size ranges from ¼ HP to ¾ HP depending on the size of the fabric panels.

Equipped with 3-Phase, 208vac, 60 Hz external gear motor with a minimum service factor of 1.25.

Standard travel speed is nominal 24 fpm. Optional fixed speeds from 34 fpm to 100 fpm and variable speeds from 0-34 fpm up to 1-100 fpm.

Stainless steel lifting bands are designed for a safety factor of not less than 8:1.  Yo-Yo style drums spool the lifting bands for consistently reliable fabric tracking and stacking.

acouStac®  Life Cycle Testing

2016 Life Cycle test benchmark was 15,000 continuous cycles, representing a service life of 20 years with twice daily operation.

Testing was concluded at 38,000 continuous cycles without failure.

acouStac®  Control Options

acouTroL ranges from simple up/down pushbuttons to advanced touch screen with multiple presets, configurations and grouping to meet the most sophisticated project demands. Click here for controls options.


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